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Is it just me?


I was thinking, is it just me, or has the world seemed to turn upside down?  For example, when I was young, neighbors all knew each other, and helped each other.  Now it seems people hardly know those around them, yet they know people miles away that they only met through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. (Of course it is really hard to be helpful to someone when the only way you can reach out to them is through a tweet!)  Then again, we used to look to churches, friends, neighbors, and even strangers, who could be counted on to join together during difficult times.  What do we do now?  We turn to the government and expect them to provide, food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and even money.

Another example – God used to receive praise and thanks for all he had done for our country, our families, our friends, and even ourselves.  Now, the mere mention God can possibly offend someone, so the Almighty’s name is blotted out as often as possible.

Need more?  Christians used to keep Sunday mornings reserved for church.  Now there is a host of other “more important” events on Sunday mornings.  I used to allow the “Martha” in me to overcome the “Mary.” If you do not know what I mean by this, please read Luke 10:38-41, then you will understand the comment.  So, if you are busy on Sunday mornings, I get it, because I lived that way once too.  However, from firsthand experience I must explain that you are letting “busy” steal great joy from your life.

OK, one more…. The definition of tolerance used to mean we understand that two parties do not agree, but we also agree to treat each other with respect and integrity, despite our differences.  Now tolerance means we understand two parties do not agree, but that the “intolerant” person or group is expected to change their position to allow for the comfort of the other party.  I am tired of people telling me that since Christians are the dominant religion in the United States, we have to be tolerant (new definition) of other faiths.   It should not make any difference whether we have the greatest numbers or not.  What matters is that we live like Christ and treat all others with dignity and respect, but stand our ground on the gospel that we know to be true.  Christ taught the truth to Jew and non-Jew alike.  He healed Jew and non-Jew alike.  Yet, he never changed the truths he taught because it might offend someone in the room.

I could go on and on, but I think you have enough of an idea where I’m going to start thinking of your own examples of some upside down parts of life.  Feel free to add to my short list.  Watch for further posts as I delve deeper into our world turned upside down.

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