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The Celebration Disappointment


I have this very close friend who suffered from a major disappointment today.  This friend of mine is the type who would do anything for you.  He has spent the night up with ill family members, lent money to many who do not have enough to feed their own families, visited strangers in hospitals and nursing homes to lift their spirits bringing some joy to their lives, and fought beside many in battles that were not of their making.  You could not know a more loving, kind, strong yet gentle, generous, and dependable friend.  I remember a time I was depressed to the point of suicide, and this friend would not leave my side.  He listened to my tears of despair and repeated thoughts of worthlessness, while, in turn whispering words of encouragement and statements of value into my heart.  Then there was the time my first husband died, and my friend stayed by my side listening to my cries of agony as I grieved, and gently reminding me I’d see him again.  It was a promise, he said.

And so today, my heart broke for my friend.  You see he had planned a big celebration for the culmination of his life’s work.  He had invited all his friends, family, and everyone who he had helped through the years.  He had personally invited each and everyone, but when it came time for the festivity many were too busy or acted like they did not know about the commemoration in time to allocate enough time in their day.

His heart was broken and he wept in despair.  I longed to ease his pain, but how could I amend for the thousands and thousands who just turned their back on him.  You see, my friend is Jesus.  Today he asked us to celebrate with him his moment of greatest victory and the culmination to his life here on earth.  God had come down, lived with us, ate with us, and then died for us, but many were too busy to give him an hour of their lives.

When my first husband died on Good Friday in 2001, it was Easter that gave me hope and some release from the pain.  It was because I knew Jesus had a plan for my husband that went beyond his death.  Jesus had told us that he would leave us for a time, but he would prepare a place for us and come back to take us to be with him.  Jesus came back and got my husband on April 13, 2001 and took him to that special place.  How could I not be there to celebrate the very victory which made it possible for my loved ones to be in joy for eternity?  How could I not sing with others praises to the God who loves us so much, and longs to be with us at all times, good or bad, that he ripped forever the curtain that separated his people from himself through the death of his son?  God, in this one act, said, “No longer am I willing to be separated from you by anyone or anything.  From now on, when you draw near to me, I will draw near to you.  If you accept me and open yourself up to me, I will come and live with you.  You need never be alone, be in need, or be in despair and worry.  Come to me all who are weighed down.  Come, and I will lift your load from your shoulders, and I will carry it for you.  Come, my beloved.  I long for you with a never-ending longing.  Come.”  Yet, today, the day of the greatest celebration of God’s greatness and love, many of his cherished children were too busy, had other plans, did not have time for him, or simply forgot his was his big celebration day.

Yes, my heart is heavy and it grieves because I have gotten to know God intimately, and I feel God’s grief.  While so many celebrated and God was glorified in the process, God still grieved those who did not come.  My prayer is that those who did not, will recognize door they slammed in the face of the God who wants to open the door to them.  My prayer is that they will understand that they have slammed the door in the face of someone greater than a president, a monarch, or a great religious leader.  My prayer is that they will turn back in humble apology, open the door, and invite God into their lives.  Then the party in heaven will begin again.  May the party begin and begin and begin over and over.  God never gets tired of a good party.  Why not join us today?  Amen

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