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Obama’s didn’t have the “luxury”?


In framing his political campaign around “tax the rich” (and “oh, by the way have you noticed Romney is rich?”) it is not surprising to hear him say, “And we didn’t have the luxury for Michelle not to work.”  After all, this comment subtly makes the Obama’s sound  just like  hard-working middle class folk, who many times really do not have a choice.  The problem is, it is an out an out lie.  Michelle is reported to have been making $300,000 working for the University of Chicago Medical Center, while her husband was in his own words, “I was in the state legislature, I was teaching, I was practicing law.”  This couple was not middle class.  Michelle could have chosen to stay at home with the kids.  She chose not to.  That is fine.  I chose not to also, though I have some regrets now.  None of that is as important as the way Obama framed his comment to make their very wealthy lifestyle seem like middle class or less.   Obama is a master at framing his statements to appeal to the masses while being less than truthful.  What Obama could have said, was, “I respect Ann for her choice.  Many women make that same sacrifice day in and day out by giving up their careers for their family.  For Michelle and me it was not the choice we made.”   He could have said something like that, but it would not have placed him in the same, “poor us” political limelight.

Remember his campaign of 2008 being all about “change?”  How clever that was.  All of us have something we would like to have changed.  So, the idea of change resonated with everyone.  Everyone had their own idea of change in their minds when they would hear Obama speak.  The problem is he never really told us what he wanted to change, but he was going to “transform” America.  You know, I’d like to see some improvements, but I tend to think we have a great nation.  The United States has given more people opportunity to thrive and to live prosperous lives than any other nation in the world.  Why would I want a country like that transformed?   Why the poorest of our poor are wealthy compared to the vast majority of the world’s population.  I know there are more poor people today than we have seen in the recent past due in large part to the housing market disaster. When we bought our house in October of 2008, we were asked for all sorts of documentation to support our income and our debts.  However, we were also told that just a few months prior, the banks could not have asked for any proof of our income.  It was illegal to do so.  In other words, they said I could have claimed to take care of ten children in my home during the day to the tune of $4,000 a month and the banks could not ask for verification of that claim.  Hmmm.  I don’t know about you, but I think that put the banks at a serious disadvantage, and gave a lot of people the opportunity to own a home they could not actually afford. No matter what their income level, people were buying more than their real income could afford.  So this was not just a lose/lose proposition.  It was way more than that.   The banks lost, the homeowners lost, the communities lost, and the country, you and I, lost.  Even though the idea of homes for all was a wonderful idea, it was not realistic and brought much suffering to our country as a whole.  Yet Obama and his followers continue to blame the banks who were forced to make loans to people without validation of income.  Remember it is all about keeping Obama out in front as the savior for the middle class, and it has nothing to do with truth.  We need to be careful not to be mislead by smooth speeches that, like slippery slime, flow off the tongue and sound so neat and nice.  A master of words is one accolade Obama can honestly claim.  It is this mastery of words combined with the blind adoration of the media that make him difficult to defeat.

So, as Obama continues his war on the American people through a barrage of half-truths and worse, remember if the Obama’s have their “choice” America will be transformed into something Michelle can finally be proud of. And if Obama gets four more years in office he will no longer have disguise his positions so carefully.

  1. edincleve permalink

    This is just part of the Democrat’s & Obama’s strategy. Demonize the rich, because they don’t deserve what they have. They believe that size of the pie is limited, so if someone has a bigger piece of the pie, that leaves less for everyone else. And of course, that money really belongs to the government, anyway.

  2. You right-wingers complain about the dumbest things. You’re like spoiled little brats who cry when they can’t get their way.

    • moriahsmusings permalink

      Ben, Is that all you can come up with? I present a well thought out and logical blog and you whine about right-wingers? I’d love to engage in a thoughtful dialog and not just a emotional reaction.

      • You’re just a little cry baby. With all the problems out country faces — nearly all of which were caused by Republicans — this is what you complain about? If that’s the best you can do, Obama must be doing a pretty damn good job.

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