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The Fix for our Nation? It is really so simple.


It is really so simple, the solution to our nation’s problems, our state and community problems, our family problems, and our personal problems.  It is a one solution fits all, and I am convinced that at the heart of it all is GOD.

If God were worshiped and served and given His rightful place in the center of our LIVES we would…

Live lives based on the truth contained in God’s Word

Live lives of generosity

Live lives of humility

Live lives of service

Live lives of compassion

Live lives of forgiveness

Live lives of integrity

Live lives of self-control

Live lives of gentleness and yet strength

Live lives of kindness and goodness

Live lives of joy and peace

Live lives full of grace

And most importantly, we would live a life planting seeds as we spread the good news of the gospel of Christ.

 If God were worshiped and served and given His rightful place at the center of our FAMILIES, we would…

 Have strong marriages

Be able to handle conflict through the lens of our Almighty God

Have far less divorce

Have strong Christian parent role models for our children

Have children who grow to respect their parents as they witness how their parents deal with all the challenges life throws their way

Have parents who would spend time teaching their children about God in the everyday

Have children, youth, and young adults living lives based on the truths of God’s Word

Have teens that are able to witness to their friends and are able to stand fast against the temptations that face our youth today

Have far less teenage pregnancy

Have a positive effect on their community and neighbors

If God were worshiped and served and given His rightful place at the center of our COMMUNITIES, we would…

 Provide for the needs of others in our communities, be it food, clothes, shelter, child care, tutoring, mentoring, etc.

Provide for the needs of the elderly, the fatherless, the motherless

Visit the sick and shut-ins

Assist the disabled

Provide skill training and job training as needed

Provide transportation as needed

Provide care for the sick

Make the welfare system an unnecessary program

We think we have created a government that can provide for all the needy in our country.  What we have discovered is that our government wastes too much money in paperwork and bureaucracy, leaving the people’s needs unmet and the taxpayers drained.   We can do a better job than the government, if we simply follow God’s principles.  The money we save in taxes alone could transform our neighborhoods, if we made it a priority to take care of our own.  That is how God designed communities in the first place.  It was our place to take care of each other, not the government’s.

Instead we have tossed God out like old newspapers and chosen to do things our way.  We think we have discovered, in evolution especially, the cause of all that is.  What we have discovered through science should have driven us to our knees in humble acknowledgement of the unsurpassed greatness of our God.

Those who seek to push God out of the minds and hearts of our youth, and seek instead the ego-driven sense of self-reliance and self-righteousness are the minions of and antichrist yet to reveal himself.  For it is when Christ is removed that the reality of God and the world as one is divided and it becomes religion (as our god) or self-reliance (us as our god).   The one true God can no longer be found.  I’m not suggesting He is gone, by no means is that so, but we, by our choice, have no awareness of Him or His truth any longer.

When we get it right personally, and with our families, we have the opportunity to, once again become aware of and develop faith in the great I AM.  Only then will we see changes in our neighborhoods, communities, state, and nation, but remember it starts with God and then with us. 


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