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Welcome to the Family


“I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day.

 I’d rather one would walk with me than merely show the way. 

     I can soon learn how to do it if you’ll let me see it done,

I can watch your hands in action, but your tongue too fast may run. 

      And the lectures you deliver may be very wise and true,

      but I’d rather learn my lesson by observing what you do. 

   For I may misunderstand you and the high advice you give. 

But there is no misunderstanding how you act, and how you live.”

 (The author of this poem is unknown.)

Here I invite you to enter into conversation with others about the difficulties families face in today’s culture.  We will discuss education, peer pressure, Christian role modeling, and many more topics.  Please check back with us often, and enter into the discussion.  All I ask is that you respect the opinions of all whether you agree or not.  I will only pull comments that are disrespectful or profane.

I look forward to reading about your struggles and your solutions.  We are all in the same boat, and can help each other stay afloat.  Welcome.


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