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Are the people in the US repeating the mistakes of the past with simply a more modern twist?


This Is a Rebel Generation

So, go now and write all this down.   Put it in a book so that the record will be there to instruct the coming generations, because this is a rebel generation, a people who lie, a people unwilling to listen to anything God tells them.

“Scientists have to help the rest of the secular community to work toward reducing the influence of religion to the point where it has negligible effect on society. I don’t believe this is impossible. Astrology and the reading of sheep entrails are no longer used to decide on courses of events, such as going to war. Why can’t we expect the same for the imagined dialogues with an ancient tribal sky god that at least one recent president has used to justify his actions?

But science and religion have always been at war, and always will be. One of yesterday’s speakers said that he did not like to use the word “religion” but rather called it a “belief system.” Well, there are different kinds of belief systems. Science is a belief system based on reason and evidence. Religion is a belief system based on bullshit.”  (

They tell their spiritual leaders, “Don’t bother us with irrelevancies.”  They tell their preachers, “Don’t waste our time on impracticalities. Tell us what makes us feel better. Don’t bore us with obsolete religion. That stuff means nothing to us. Quit hounding us with The Holy of Israel.”

“An organization called “The Interfaith Alliance” promoted a “Faith Shared” project where churches across the U.S. would do things like have a Muslim Imam read the Quran at the Christian Pulpit…… Why? The answer is simple; they have ignored God’s word and trampled underfoot the gospel of Christ so they might follow the liberal call of political correctness and social tolerance.” (

“Wicca is becoming the fastest growing religion in the United States. This statement was something I was hearing and reading more and more. Being a member of the Pagan community, I didn’t really notice any of this growth happening. The more books and articles on the Internet that I read, the more I kept seeing this statement. The research into this declaration became my focus of interest. What fascinated me the most about this account was the fact that Wiccans and neo – Pagans do not go around with the specific intent of finding converts. In the teachings and ideas of Wicca and Paganism, the idea of looking for converts is not encouraged and is looked down upon. Anyone seeking converts into Wicca or Paganism is breaking a cardinal rule.  (

Therefore, The Holy of Israel says this: “Because you scorn this Message, preferring to live by injustice and shape your lives on lies, this perverse way of life will be like a towering, badly built wall that slowly, slowly tilts and shifts, and then one day, without warning, collapses—smashed to bits like a piece of pottery, smashed beyond recognition or repair, useless, a pile of debris to be swept up and thrown in the trash.”


 God, the Master, The Holy of Israel, has this solemn counsel: “Your salvation requires you to turn back to me and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves. Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me— the very thing you’ve been unwilling to do.

All bold sections are quotations from Isaiah 30:8-15 as written in the Message Bible. These passages were written 2,700 years ago and yet, when compared to writings from the last few years, they seem surprisingly relevant to modern secular and liberal Christian cultures.  It seems to me that since the first two sections seem to be relevant to our current culture, maybe the warning in the third section and the solution in the fourth section should be considered. I believe God will hold us as accountable as he has held people and cultures throughout history.  Our upside down views of right and wrong (to be taken up more fully in a later post) are certainly signs that life in the Western world is starting to “tilt and shift” and will “one day collapse.”  May God have mercy on us all.

Please share your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

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