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The World Turned Upside Down, Part 1


Years ago I was reading the paper and a small news report in the back pages caught my eye.  It was only about a paragraph long, and it told the story of a young woman who had an unwanted pregnancy.  She had gone to an abortion clinic, but because she was further along in her pregnancy the price of the abortion was more than she could pay.  Instead she went home and put a gun to her stomach and pulled the trigger.  Mom survived, baby did not.  The young woman was sent to prison for murdering her baby.  That gave me real pause.  If could have paid the doctor $10,000, she could have had an abortion and that would have been legal, but to kill the baby on her own was murder.  It seems to me it is murder either way, and the real crime is that our country thinks abortion, the killing of innocents, is perfectly OK.  After all it is the mother’s choice; “it is her body” we say.  Well, it was “her” body for this young woman as well, and when she did with it what she did, we called it murder.

Today it can cost upwards of $30,000 to adopt a baby, but a woman can have an abortion for as little as $300.  People, who cannot have a baby, wait for years in many cases to have the opportunity to adopt.  A woman, who finds a pregnancy inconvenient and unwanted, can get rid of the nuisance in less than a day.  So why are we allowing abortions to continue?  Why are we allowing our tax dollars to pay for it?

I guess it is because what used to be right (the right to life) is now wrong, and what used to be wrong (murder) is now right.

Abortion is wrong and it is time that we stand up and say so.  It pains me that I watched our country slip into this policy of murder without fighting for the lives of innocent ones who had no voice of their own.  It is time that we help young women with options other than the death of their baby.

It is time that we work to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.  Abstinence works, by the way.  It is foolproof.  Condoms are not.  Abstinence prevents sexually transmitted diseases.  It is foolproof.  Contraception methods are not.  So why are schools prevented from teaching abstinence education?

I guess it is because what used to be right (purity until marriage) is now wrong, and what used to be wrong (pre-marital sex) is now right.  The world really is turned upside down.

  1. Most young teens couldn’t afford or even have $300. So even if they were statutory raped or raped they would have to give birth. In N Carolina until a couple years ago, nobody could have an abortion if they were under 18 unless they had their own parents’ permission – which means they were out of luck if Mommy and Daddy were neglectful or abusive parents, or if Daddy had made them pregnant in the first place.

    • Thank you for your comment Kalika. It deeply saddens me that the moral state of the nation has sunk so low. I believe there are many factors which play into that, but what is really important is that rape and incest is wrong whether or not a pregnancy results. My heart goes out to anyone who had endured or is enduring such a thing. We need to provide for more ways to help these girls and women. As horrible as it must be to be raped and then find yourself pregnant, I still believe it is wrong to kill the baby when there are plenty of couples who would be willing to adopt the baby. However, I also feel strongly that no matter how a young girl finds herself pregnant there needs to be help available for her. Although this idea would not help those who have been raped unless they actually do become pregnant, I have long thought it would be a good idea to provide a place for pregnant teens to go and live where they can be surrounded with love during their pregnancies and where free legal and medical help could be provided as necessary. I envisioned it as a place where they could stay if they chose to keep their baby. This home would provide for care of their baby while they finished school. They would be allowed to stay until their child started school full time. By then they would have their diploma and a job. This way they would not get caught up in the welfare system, they would have a safe and loving home environment in which to start out on their adult life, and they would be able to step forward into a new life with the knowledge of their worthiness and value in the eyes of God.
      So until and unless morals and virtue can be revived in the lives of people, those of us who are trying to live Christ-like lives need to be his love bearer to those in need of real love and tender care. Kalika, I don’t know if you have personally experienced the pain of rape, incest, or unwanted pregnancy, or if you have friends who have, but please know that such things are considered an abomination by God and our God is a just God. He longs to tenderly hold the hurt, and to take their pain and make something beautiful out of it. I will pray for you and for those you were thinking of as you wrote your comment.

      • That was quite inspirational 🙂 Your empathy is very moving, as is your recognition of the little help available to young families. If the welfare trap didn’t exist, as you said, there would be less abortions. I have friends and a close family member who experienced unplanned pregnancy and rape. Anyway, great comment, just because I’m pro-choice and very liberal and don’t think the idea of the home for young mothers would be a good idea in practice doesn’t mean I can’t recognise your empathy and willingness to address the deeper issues. I just wanted to tell you that 🙂

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