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Evolution and it’s war against opposing theories (The World Turned Upside Down, Part 2)


There was a time when people thought the world was flat.  They believed if you went to the edge you would fall off.  Along came some individuals who challenged the idea, and they turned out to be right.   Despite common belief that one of those daring individuals was Christopher Columbus, the challengers came a long time before Columbus.  The idea of a spherical world was espoused by 6th century BC Greek astronomers.  However, even before that Isaiah wrote “He sits enthroned about the circle of the earth…” (Is 40:22 NIV), which  indicates that even before the Greek astronomers people had begun to believe the earth was round.

There was a time when people believed that a god or gods created mankind.  People groups had all sorts of versions of tales in which mankind came into being.  One of those groups, the Israelites (later known as Jews), came to believe that the one true God created the whole universe, which mankind as the pinnacle of  creation.  And then along came a man who challenged that idea.  That challenge came to be known as the theory of evolution.   It was a total change of thought from a creator mindset to a belief that everything evolved from one single spec of matter, the living creatures and plant life as well as the non-living rocks, dirt, water, sky, etc.  At first this idea was scoffed at especially by the church, and for good reason.  This theory flew in the face of the Bible, its version of the creation of mankind, and the purposes for God’s creation. Eventually people began to believe the theory as truth even though it was not thoroughly proven.

Now there is a time when the theory of evolution has pushed all other theories out and taken the sole position of the truth on how all that is came to be.  However, along have come some scientists who say, “Wait a minute.  There are problems with your theory, and there are other possibilities that need to be considered.”  Those scientists are scoffed at and ridiculed.  Some lose their positions.  Most are ostracized by their peers, and denied legitimacy by educational institutions and publications. (

Theory is defined by Webster as, “abstract thought : speculation, a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action <her method is based on the theory that all children want to learn>, a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena <the wave theory of light>, a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation , an unproved assumption : conjecture.”  (

Today the world has turned upside down.  We accept theory for fact, and facts as fiction.  In the case of the theory of evolution, there is no doubt that evolution has played a part in the history of living species.  However, there is great doubt that it originated anything.  There is no way for evolutionists to explain how the first particle, the first mix of chemicals, the first of anything came into being.  No matter what they offer as the starting point of all that exists, they still have to answer, “Ok, but what created that?” In the documentary film above, Ben Stein interviews a well-known atheist and avid evolutionist who when asked that question gave a long answer about very advanced aliens who sent a small particle to a distant planet (earth) to start life.  Really?  So that is how evolutionists are answering the question about what or who created the single particle from which all of life sprang forth?  That begs a whole host of questions.  Where did earth come from?  Where did the aliens come from?  It is sad to think that evolutionists refuse to entertain the idea that there could have been intelligent design which means an intelligent designer, but they will believe that advanced, somehow created, aliens sent a particle to a somehow created planet from their somehow created planet to create life.

When scientists can put forth such a tale as truth, while other scientists are demoralized for sharing the true wonders of the mystery of life, the world really has turned upside down.

I’d love it if you would share your thoughts on this topic below.

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