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Wondering about abortion


Living in the Cleveland area, I can’t help put be listening for all the news about the 3 young girls, who had been found after being kidnapped, and then tied up in ropes and chains for over 10 years.  The man accused  is, per latest media reports, going to be charged with various assaults including murder for the deaths of more than one unborn baby, lost in miscarriages when the mother was starved and beaten.

I think he should be charged with murder, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.  What difference is there between the baby (fetus) in this mother’s womb and the baby (fetus) in a mother’s womb who is aborted?  Honestly, people we cannot have it both ways.  It cannot be considered murder in one case and not the other.  A baby’s life is terminated either way.

There have been case after case of men and women being imprisoned for murdering a mother and her unborn baby.  They are charged with two counts of murder and prosecuted as such.  Can it all come down to mother’s choice?  In other words, does a mother not wanting the baby make the death of that baby something other than murder?

Please understand, I am not trying to make anyone who has had an abortion feel bad or worse, not at all.  I know this is a delicate subject, but I just have to get a rational answer.  How can this man be prosecuted for murder, and yet doctors like Kermit Gosnell are legally allowed to do the same thing day in and day out?  I just do not understand!

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