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We’ve forgotten the baby!


I’ve listened to several radio programs where people were calling in and talking about what they were going do to get through the holiday season. Some were suffering the loss of a loved one. Some disliked the holidays because it meant being around difficult relatives. Then there were those who were upset about the cultural intrusion on the Christian Christmas. No matter what the reason, the central theme was the same.

I was struck by the common theme of “how to get through” the Christmas season. What on earth has happened that we are working for ways to get through the Christmas season? I think we’ve lost the baby!

Have we forgotten that the baby, whose birth we are celebrating, has changed the world, and is still changing lives today? Have we forgotten that this baby we celebrate at Christmas is the one who made it possible for us to celebrate Easter with its promise of eternal life with God?

It should be, no matter what I circumstances, no matter if we’ve lost a loved one, it should be a blessed time because of that baby.

Because of that baby, everything is going to be ok. Because of that baby, we’re going to be with our loved one again someday. Because of that baby we can learn to live joy-filled lives in the midst of all this pain. And it’s all because of that baby.

Because of that baby, everything that has been done to us, and everything we have done to others, it’s all forgiven. And we can learn to forgive and let go.

So why do we have to work so hard to get through the season that celebrates the birth of that baby, Jesus Christ, God with us, our Lord, Emmanuel.

I think it’s because we have gotten ourselves so wrapped up (pun intended) in traditions, along with all the fluff and stuff we’ve packed into the Christmas season. Let’s see, there is the shopping, the gift giving, the gift wrapping, the food we serve to guests, the way we give the gifts, they times we get together, the way we decorate the house, and more. Just exactly where in all of this is Jesus?

It has given me much to think about. As the season nears its special day, I’d like to suggest we stop, really stop, and think of nothing but the baby that was born in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago, and remember what his birth, life, death, and resurrection means to all people everywhere.

Thank you God for your Son. Thank you Jesus for giving up your place and your power to come and live with us, as one of us, so that we might all live in your presence eternally.

That’s the best Christmas gift of all.

Thank you.

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