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In Defiance of God – Roe v Wade


This may be a hard post for some to read. It may anger some. It may cause some pain. If that is you, I am deeply sorry. You may have scars, and they may once again begin to hurt. Please know that neither I, nor God, thinks less of you.   You came to a point in life where a decision had to be made, and the world told you that you had the right to choose for your own body. That is true. The culture you live in told you it is OK, after all it is legal. So in your time of fear, uncertainty, or even panic, you made a decision that has left you with scars. Your inner pain is real, and I wish these words could be written softly. However, I believe God is condemning our nation because we have turned out back on both you and the baby now gone. We, as a nation, have led you to die a bit in your heart, just as much as we have led your baby to slaughter. We call it woman’s choice. We should be decrying it as what it really is, “murder,” the murder of a life and the murder of a piece of your heart.

I believe that God will forgive the act, if you seek that forgiveness. I also believe you will see and be loved by that precious child one day when you unite in heaven. Let God heal your pain with his love and his hope.

What I believe God will not forgive is our country. We turned away from the goodness and love that God asks of us when we began supporting, allowing, and paying for the murder of innocent lives. We have not repented. We have not turned back. Instead we, as a nation, have chosen to continue the mantra of “Woman’s Choice” when we have given women an open door to choose not only what goes on in her body, but also that of the child she carries. Unless we, as a county, turn back, God will turn away from us. We will be left to find our way on our own. And we don’t do so well at that!


The Roe v Wade decision, 42 years ago as of yesterday, marked a major turning point in the history of the United States, for it was on that day, with that decision, that our country legalized the sacrifice of children on the altars of a variety of different gods, and began a defiant turn from Holy God.

Parents living in cultures that believed their gods demanded sacrifices, would take a child and sacrifice it on an altar to a particular god to appease that god. The inhumane practice of sacrificing children to a god has been condemned by many in modern times, and in modern societies. However, it might be wise for us to take a closer look at abortion, and how it is really not so very different.

A woman finds out she is pregnant. She was not planning on this. It is not convenient. She goes to an abortion clinic and gives up her child to appease the god of convenience.

A woman finds out she is pregnant. She is deeply entrenched in a career, and a child does not fit in the picture she has of her advancing career opportunities. She goes to an abortion clinic and gives up her child to appease the god of self-gratification.

A woman finds out she is pregnant. She is poor and has no hope of being able to take care of another child. She goes to an abortion clinic and gives up her child to appease the god of poverty and the god of fear.

Whether it is the god of convenience, self-advancement, fear, poverty, pride, control, self-success, relational pressure or peer pressure, a woman has sacrificed a life that could have been.

Hundreds to thousands of couples long to have a child, and cannot. An unwanted child can be placed in a loving home. Yet the god, who is not God, entices and cries out for appeasement, and the woman gives in.

We have allowed and encouraged this. Just like the Israelites allowed and encouraged it in their days prior to God’s judgment. They did not listen to the warnings. We are not listening to the warnings.

We must let our voices be heard, and our prayers be earnest. We must never give up in our fight.

God will not forgive this grievance wrong.


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