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Making “God time” a priority in our lives


If God has a plan for our lives, and he does, then our part of that plan is to yield ourselves to God.  I believe God can work his plans out through us even if we don’t yield. However, the kicking and screaming we do just takes a joy-filled journey and turns it into an emotional bungee cord experience, up/down, going boing, boing, boing.

Whereas the world measures us by our success, be it monetarily or socially or academically, God measures our success by our faithfulness and obedience.  The world expects us to look out “for number one,” ourselves. God expects us to look up and focus on him, and then he will take care of the number two (us), number three, number four, number five, and so forth.

In her book, This I Know for Sure, Babbie Mason has given us a wonderful acronym for “time.”


Time. A relationship, with anyone, takes time to grow and develop.  In the same way a relationship with God takes time to develop.  Giving God intimate moments everyday can be a discipline at first, but as the relationship grows our hearts begin to long for and treasure those intimate moments each day. The time we give to this quiet time with God loses the label “disciplined time” and becomes “treasured time,” or “sacred time.”

God’s plan for the lives of all his children is for us to grow in our relationship with him, to live a life of faithful obedience, and to serve God by serving others.  “Did you know that God is not as concerned about your ability as He is about your availability?” This I Know for Sure study guide, pg 67, by Babbie Mason

The way we live our lives speaks louder than the anything we can say.  So, am I humbly serving, while focusing on our God?  If so, God is pleased, and for me that is what matters most.  To think that I can bring even a drop of joy to the Holy God I serve, and bring a smile to his countenance, fills me with joy as well.  Oh, how I love our God.

I am praying that God blesses you with greater and greater understanding, faith and trust.


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