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We bought the lie – Christians must not preach Christ as the only way – That would be intolerant!


While working as a Christian Education director at my former church, I used to question, “Why, in the name of tolerance, we had to stop preaching Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life?” “Why is it that we have to stop telling people that they are sinners and in need of a savior?”

“We are the dominant religion in this country,” was the reply.

“Why do we stop preaching the truth of the Gospel just because we are the dominant religion?”

What is the answer to that? If what we have been teaching is the truth, as proclaimed by our Lord and recorded for us in the Bible, why would our dominance, or lack of it, have anything at all to do with passionate preaching and seeking to save the lost with the good news?

The new Christian mantra has changed somehow. It is no longer “We have good news to share,” but rather, “In order not to offend you, we won’t speak about the good news anymore.”

Christian brothers and sisters, this is WRONG. Don’t you see? By not preaching and teaching the good news of Christ’s death for our sins and his resurrection for our salvation, we are failing to help save others, who, like us are lost to an eternity of godlessness without Christ. We, by our complacency, are allowing soul after soul to slip into the pit of hell, and we are doing this so that we don’t offend someone?!? Do you see the great lie we have believed? The lie – It would not be loving or kind to impose your belief on others. As the dominant religion you must be tolerant, and that means, do not teach or preach about sin or that sinners need Christ, or especially that Christ is the only way to heaven!

Wake up Christians! WAKE UP! We have GOOD NEWS! The good news we have to share is news of an open door for all. It is not exclusive, not one tiny bit. It is offered to all.

Christ died for all people, because there is never going to be a moment when we can be good enough, holy enough, sinless enough, kind enough, and loving enough to spend an eternity in the presence of Holy Yahweh, the great I AM, Almighty God. But because God loves us all, he made a way, and gave it to us as a gift – Jesus. Through Jesus, our sins, mistakes, failures, even our complacency can be forgiven by God. Our debt can be paid, and we therefore CAN SPEND ETERNITY with GOD.

This is the truth, and it is an open invitation to every single human being. But we, in our own sense of what is right and wrong, thought it would be a good idea not to offend someone with this good news. Sure others have different faiths and beliefs, and they may not choose to follow Jesus. However, to cheat them out of the opportunity out of a misguided sense of kindness is just plain WRONG.

Wake up! Stand up for Jesus! The time is now, not tomorrow, or the next day. It is now.

One more question for you to think about.  Christians are quickly moving away from their place of  “dominance” in the United States.  Does that mean that it now becomes acceptable for us to preach the truth?  Hmmm

Stand strong in your faith and snatch others from the fire.

God bless you all.


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