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Why God?



I just don’t understand why anyone would want to fight off the idea that there is a God who would have sovereign power and might over the whole world, and who would love His creation completely, so much so that He would want to be with His created world. Why? What bad could come from that?

As I review the books of the prophets in the Old Testament, and I see your unfathomable patience and love for a people who had totally turned to a level of ungodliness that was abhorrent to you, and then think about how often people speak of the God of the Old Testament as an angry God, I am amazed and bewildered.

Father we have fallen so far away from you. We have forgotten to spend time with you. We have been too wrapped up in worldly things to sit and listen to you. We have chosen TV, the internet, video games, cell phones, and even work over reading your word. Then we wonder how we can believe in you because we see so much evil in the world. Seriously?! How far we have fallen Lord, and certainly your patience cannot go on forever.

How saddened your heart must be Lord, when you love us so much, and yet have to watch us as we hurt or harm those around us with our words, our thoughts, and our actions.

You can see how, despite your call to purity, gentleness, kindness, truthfulness, gratitude, joy, worship, and so much more, we walk away and chose to hurt, abuse, lie, steal, cheat, and descend into all sorts of immorality from adultery and more.

Still, you love us so much that you sent your Son to save us from ourselves.

He, Jesus, took all our sin upon himself, so that we might stand before you sinless and saved. Yes, Jesus is the only way. How else can we be fully cleansed of our sin? You knew we could not do it on our own, so you took the ultimate gamble and sent Jesus.

He could have turned from your will. He could have walked away God. After all, you sent him fully human, with free choice. What a gamble God. Yet you had a plan to make a way for us to be free of the sin we cannot seem to shake off ourselves, and so you took the chance. Jesus chose to remain focused on you, and he went to the cross with the weight of our sin.

Now, today, I am assured that one day all the sin I bear will be left behind as I enter eternity with you. I am grateful beyond words, God.

Yet the question remains, why do so many refuse your gift, and thereby reject YOU?

Why God?


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