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Committed to Christ? Prepare for the attack!



Oh, yes, there will be an attack! Be prepared, and do not let yourself be thrown off course. As soon as you commit to following Jesus, you will be under attack. Here is just a sampling of his well-used tactics.

  1. The distraction tactic: Definition of distraction – “something that interferes with concentration or takes attention away from something else” (Encarta Dictionary: English)       Distractions can come in the form of family problems, work problems, illness, attraction to TV, cell phone, Facebook, etc.
  2. The whispered thought tactic: The Bible gives us an example of this in the story of Eve when Satan said, “Did God really say…” The same can happen to us. For me it was this whisper, “God wouldn’t want you to be unhappy.” Whispers can be things like, “No one could like you,” “Do you really think they would consider you for that job,” “You know you will never measure up” and all the negative thoughts that wander through our minds.
  3. The craving tactic: What do you love so much that you cannot live without it? That is what Satan will put between you and God. You see, God wants to be first in your life.       That means that other thing, that craving, must go. It can become a wall built without your conscious knowledge, which will keep God’s blessings from reaching you.
  4. The wealth tactic: It is very difficult for us to resist the urge to make or have more money and the things it brings. I believe it is in our genes to crave more money and things. However, what often results is our focus shifts from God and His plan to ourselves and our plan (which is our route to more income or lottery winnings, etc.).
  5. The success tactic: Oh the lure of success or fame can be very difficult to resist. It too is a distraction that pulls us from our commitment to Christ.
  6. The control tactic: Do you need to be in control? If you are a person who likes to have a hand on controlling your life or the lives of others, then this is a tool for Satan to use against you.   It is one I know well. I had a really hard time giving up control of my life to God, and Satan used it to hold back my growth in faith and trust, but God prevailed in the end. Praise God!
  7. The fear or worry tactic: Ah, this is a big one, especially for women. I think we women can worry better than men any day.       I also think we have bouts with fear more often. All that is not to say men don’t, but I think these emotions run stronger in women. Worry and fear will shut you down if you let it. You end up moving through your day in auto-pilot and lose your ability to think and reason well. It is a wasted day, a day spent in worry or fear, and Satan loves that he has won another day without God in your life.
  8. The anger tactic: For some, the easiest way to get you distracted is to pump up your anger.       It can be so easy for him to do.       There are drivers that drive us nuts on our way to work. There are co-workers, customers, and bosses that can make us seethe.       After a full day of that, the kids and spouse barely have to do anything and we explode. They bear the brunt of a day full of anger.       That doesn’t do too much for the health of our own selves or our families. Another win for Satan.


There are many more tactics that Satan can use, but as you can see, he has some almost open doors to distraction techniques in each of our live. This means we need to be alert and fight back when we feel one of these distractions brewing.

Another word for distraction is temptation. Jesus was tempted right at the beginning of his ministry, because that was the most opportune time for Satan to try to pull him off course. The same is true for us. We are most susceptible to temptation at the start of our acceptance of Christ in our life, and at the point of launching on a new mission, ministry, or service for God.

We are tempted by the evil one to do things, say things, and believe things that will turn us from God. The more we succumb to temptation, the farther we drift away.

Satan gets 20sca01c (2)such joy from that. Can’t you just see a little devil clapping his hands?

Satan is real, and he is alive and working in this world to pull us from our love, worship, and commitment to Christ. For those of you who think Satan, or an evil one does not exist, you have given the evil one the greatest gift of all. You make his job all the easier. Satan is mentioned throughout the Bible from the Old Testament and through the New Testament.

As always, the choice is ours.

I hope you will choose to be on the look-out and keep watch that your life stays in God’s hands, and does not fall into the slimy hands of the evil one.



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