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Are Christians ignorant? I think the ignorance falls a different direction.


Our society has found a special place for God. We’ve packed Him up, like an old relic, and put Him in the attic! Out of sight, out of mind? Most definitely!  It seems that is just how the majority of Americans like it.

To them, God just does not seem relevant today.  I’ve read so many an articles about how believing in God was useful to the people of the past who did not have all the science and technology that we have.  For many God and His Word, found in the Bible, are dated, old, and out of touch with the today’s world.  This is usually followed by some statement about people who believe in God are ignorant.  I imagine you have heard or read similar comments and opinions.

They could not be farther from the truth, however.  Anyone who has studied the Word of God knows that not only is God’s word relevant to our world today, it is the only way to true peace and health of our lives and our world. Notice I said, “anyone who has studied the Word of God.”  I did not say, “anyone who has read the Word of God” or “anyone who can quote a few verses from the Word of God.”   Reading through the Bible in a year, or even being able to say you have read the Bible cover to cover is nice, but it is when we study the Bible that the truth contained begins to change from knowledge to wisdom.  God’s words move from our brain to our heart, our core, and we begin to change.   Our lives become richer and more peaceful.  Our families feel more loved and respected.  Our co-workers sense a genuine difference.  Our boss benefits from our growing integrity and character.  Others are drawn to question, “What happened to you?”  They like what they see.

But that would mean taking God out of the attic.  Keeping God hidden away in the dark is more comfortable.

You see God is an inconvenient Truth to those who want to live lives without consequences. There are always consequences to our words and our actions, and often from our thoughts. For example, if you see someone and you judge them by their appearance in your thoughts, you will act differently with them, or towards them, than you otherwise might have if you had heard them over the phone.

Consequences are not always bad, but we hardly notice the good ones.  We hate the bad ones, though, and so it is much easier to disregard bad consequences if we are not to blame for them in the first place.  We do that by altering the truth of the situation.  Example, an alcoholic can see the damage that he or she is doing to their families and others, but the urge to drink is so strong that they must get rid of the pain and shame of the negative consequences.  So, they shift the blame for their drinking to others.  They are masters of finding fault and placing the responsibility for their drinking on the one they accuse of being at fault.

God makes lives uncomfortable because He does not allow us the option to shift the blame or judge others, at least not if we want to be Christ followers.  If we truly live like Christ, we will accept everyone just as they are, because we know God loves them just as they are.  We will tolerate differences, but we will not do so at the expense of our faith and belief in God and His Word.  We will lovingly allow others the right to live and believe what they want only up to the point that they are not demanding that we change our beliefs and the way we live within those beliefs.  That is where we have to draw the line.  However, even in drawing the line, we love and pray for those who are trying to force us to do otherwise.

Our problem in the United States today is not a problem to be resolved with guns, with capitalism, with taking from the rich and giving to the poor, with any political candidate or party, or with church attendance.  It is a heart issue, not a head issue.

If you get your knowledge about God from TV and movies, or a cursory glance at a Bible, please stop pointing fingers at the “ignorant” Christians.  Before you criticize my faith in God, before you dare to call me ignorant, study the Bible for a solid year, and then let’s talk.


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