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Love Unites, Hate Divides


I am very impressed by this post. It speaks so well to the love of God. He loves us all, whether we are doing His will or not. He loves us all whether we are living as He would have us live or not. That does not mean He condones our actions or words, but it does teach us that we, His family of believers, must learn to do the same.

Mon Ange

Good Day, Beautiful People!

People are entitled to their opinions. Doesn’t mean we have to follow what the crowd do. The world is fractured filled with angry, broken, hurt, lost and forgotten people. Love this saying, “We are here to heal and not to harm. We are here to love and not to hate. We are here to create and not destroy.”

Hope this serve as a kind reminder, just because a Christian won’t support something, doesn’t mean that they hate the people involved in it. Choose the high road and stop throwing stones. It is good to be sensitive and gracious to give people space and time to heal, dream, build, pray, love again. Be the salt and light, continue to shine brightly in the darkness of your spheres.

O Lets together let people know that we are listening. May this not just be a facebook post but a…

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  1. Thanks, Beautiful 😇

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