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Not founded on Christian principles? Take a look!


Outside of the Bible itself, this was one of the main books used for teaching young children in the schools in the colonies in 1777.  It continued to be used in our schools until early in the 20th Century.  Take a look and consider, who is teaching these virtues to our children today?  What are they being taught instead?  Was removing God from our schools and public places really the best thing for our children and grandchildren, our communities, states, and country?  What have we replace Him with?  Maybe it’s time to bring God back into our schools and communities.  Maybe it is time for us to speak up be willing to stand up for the one true God.

The New England Primer, 1777 edition

A Lesson for Children.

Pray to God. Call no ill names. Love God. Use no ill words. Fear God. Tell no lies. Serve God. Hate Lies. Speak the Truth. Take not God’s Name in vain.  Spend your Time well. Do not Swear. Love your School. Do not Steal. Mind your Book. Cheat not in your play. Strive to learn. Play not with bad boys. Be not a Dunce.

A In ADAM’S Fall

We sinned all.

B Heaven to find;

The Bible Mind.

C Christ crucify’d

For sinners dy’d.

D The Deluge drown’d

The Earth around.


By Ravens fed.

F The judgment made

FELIX afraid.

G As runs the Glass,

Our Life doth pass.

H My Book and Heart

Must never part.

J JOB feels the Rod,–

Yet blesses GOD.

K Proud Korah’s troop

Was swallowed up

L LOT fled to Zoar,

Saw fiery Shower

On Sodom pour.

M MOSES was he

Who Israel’s Host

Led thro’ the Sea

N NOAH did view

The old world & new.



All were pious.

P PETER deny’d

His Lord and cry’d.

Q Queen ESTHER sues

And saves the Jews.

R Young pious RUTH,

Left all for Truth.

S Young SAM’L dear,

The Lord did fear.


Learnt sin to fly.

V VASHTI for Pride

Was set aside.

W Whales in the Sea,

GOD’s Voice obey.

X XERXES did die,

And so must I.

Y While youth do chear

Death may be near.


Did climb the Tree

Our Lord to see.

Who was the first man ? Adam.

Who was the first woman ? Eve.

Who was the first Murderer ? Cain.

Who was the first Martyr ? Abel.

Who was the first Translated ? Enoch.

Who was the oldest Man ? Methuselah.

Who built the Ark ? Noah.

Who was the Patientest Man ? Job.

Who was the Meekest Man ? Moses.

Who led Israel into Canaan ? Joshua.

Who was the strongest Man ? Sampson.

Who killed Goliah ? David.

Who was the wisest Man ? Soloman.

Who was in the Whale’s Belly? Jonah.

Who saves lost Men ? Jesus Christ.

Who is Jesus Christ ? The Son of God.

Who was the Mother of Christ ? Mary.

Who betrayed his Master ? Judas.

Who denied his Master ? Peter.

Who was the first Christian Martyr? Stephen.

Who was chief Apostle of the Gentiles ? Saul.

via The New England Primer, 1777 edition.

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